Prepping Your Home To Help Support Aging in Place

We are excited to share our expertise and encourage older adults to maximize their independence and optimize safety in and around their home.

Here are our most common recommendations:

Fall-Proofing Your Home

Reducing or removing hazards where someone could trip or slip is critical. Loose rugs or other trip hazards (electrical cords) should be removed to ensure clear pathways to each room in the house. If rugs cannot be removed, consider rubberized non-slip backing or taping down the edges with tape. Install extra lighting to improve visibility throughout the home, consider frosted globes to reduce glare and touch lamps for people with arthritis or painful joints.

Exper tip: Emergency Alarm Systems provide help at the touch of a button 24 hours a day. In the event of a fall, this device provides an immediate response and can be discreetly worn at all times.

Aids & Equipment

Use of adaptive equipment is a safe and effective non-permanent option. Commonly used items are shower stools to assist people who have difficulty reaching their lower limbs. If someone is having difficulty standing from a chair, this may be the case for the toilet too. Toilet frames increase the height of a toilet and improve the ease of the transfer. It is also useful to place a commode chair in the bedroom to assist people who frequently use the toilet overnight.

Expert tip: If someone is holding furniture as they walk through the home this can be a sign that they require additional support when walking. A cane or walking frame may be beneficial.

Home Modifications

Grab bars are an excellent way to support safe transfers throughout the home. The most helpful areas to install grab bars are in and outside the shower, beside the toilet, staircases, and entrances to the home.

There are countless other recommendations that can help you or a loved one live comfortably and safely at home. For this reason, it is important to have a licensed Occupational Therapist identify the person’s unique abilities and preferences and develop a personalized home safety plan. When the time comes for additional support around the home, Heritage Home Modifications can offer a free estimate and consultation to find the best personalized approach to suit each individual’s needs and preferences.

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