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Stair Lifts

Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stair Lift

Modern electric stair lifts are state-of-the-art rail and chair systems that travel smoothly between the floors of a house, giving elderly family members back their mobility and, in essence, their independence. Stairs are no longer a nuisance and hazard, and chair lifts cost significantly less than installing a home elevator.

The Ability to Move Between Floors Safely

The most common reason elderly family members finally decide to purchase and install an electric stair lift is safety. Sometimes, elderly parents will become debilitated by arthritis or muscle atrophy, and they don’t have someone to assist them up the stairs. Other times, elderly people have a general fear of falling down the stairs when they’re at home alone, and no one would be able to hear them or help them. Stair lifts provide them with the sense of security they need when they need to use the stairs.

The Ability to Carry Things Safely Up and Down the Stairs

Independence is something that many young people take for granted. They are able to easily carry any number of things from the top to the bottom floor. The elderly do not have the same ability anymore and carrying things up and down the stairs can be a dangerous task. Grocery items, laundry, books, and any number of items can be carried with them while they ride their stair lift.

Comfort and Convenience

Stair lifts come in two options: straight or curved. In other words, they can accommodate almost any type of stair in almost every type of home. Even if your elderly family members are not mobility impaired yet, they will enjoy the convenience and ease of traveling between floors long before they actually need it. The ride is smooth, comfortable, and the speed has been consistently described as “just right.”

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