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Transfer Systems

Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling Lifts are naturally out of the way and can reach any room. A ceiling mounted track can go through doorways, over beds, toilets, tubs, showers and chairs to eliminate most of your transfers.

Track to Track Systems

Track to track systems travel thru doorways without having to widen or modify the doorway. Track to track systems will allow you to move from room to room with ease.

Wall Lifts

Wall Lifts are easy to use because they don’t touch the floor. Since they are mounted to the wall, you are able to move by yourself or have a caregiver move you anywhere within the reach of the lift. This lift is perfect for short lifts from the bed to your wheelchair or from the toilet to tub or shower.

Mobile Lifts

Mobile lifts can roll into any room and safely lift you from bed to chair. Mobile lifts are designed to be operated by 1 caregiver and can be used with any of our body supports or slings. The base spreads for more stability, and you can choose from a hydraulic or electric drive.

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